Yorkshire Sculpture Park, art, nature, and landscape

  • Bradford School of Art, Bradford College
  • Hull College Institute of Art, Ferens Art Gallery
  • University of Leeds

In a Masterclass at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Art&Design Club members from Bradford College, Hull College and Ferens Art Gallery, and University of Leeds came together to explore how art can help us connect to nature and enhance wellbeing. 

On an interactive artist-led tour of the grounds, Club members were given a sketch book and mark-making materials for different creative activities inspired by the sculptures they came across, which included James Turrell’s ‘Deershelter Skyspace,’ Heather Peak and Ivan Morison’s Silence – Alone in a World of Wounds and site-specific works by David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy. 

Later in the Masterclass, after time for exploration and reflection, Club members worked towards a collaborative piece using a mixture of found natural materials including willow, oak, string, moss and leaves. 

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