Yorkshire Sculpture Park, nature inspired art

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In a Masterclass at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Art&Design Club members from The Studio Morland and York College went on a tour of the park and its exhibitions, experimenting with different drawing techniques along the way.

Club members had the opportunity to focus on the outdoor works of David Nash, whose sculptures heavily consider the environment and ecology. Discussion revolved around representation and meaning as members took part in experimental drawing exercises to capture the nature of Nash’s work.

Continuing along the sculpture path, Club members stopped to consider The Family of Man (1970) and Square with Two Circles (1963) by artist Barbara Hepworth. Each member was encouraged to sketch the sculptures from different viewpoints, considering its mass, space, material and form. Similarly, Damien Hirst’s four sculptures, on display in the Deer Park, presented Club members with ideas of myth, religion and anatomy.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park hosts Kathryn Brame, Connor Shields, Vincent James and Sarah Jane Palmer showed Club members the naturally occurring pigments in the environment around them. Members collected different samples, including dandelions and tree bark, to extract the pigments for their sketches.

Before creating their own sculptures, Club members explored David Nash’s Full Circle Exhibition and the Lower Park area. With a variety of tree species along their route, Club members engaged in spiritual activities exploring the inspiring presence of trees and the emotional impact of being in nature.

The Masterclass ended with Club members making collaborative sculptures using reclaimed pieces of wood and other elements they found in nature. Each member interpreted their creations using charcoal to create quick, experimental sketches, embracing the non-conventional techniques they learned throughout the day.

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