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Now in it’s seventh year, Cambridge School of Art will once again open it’s doors for the Art&Design Saturday Club. Our exciting programme of thirty weeks of amazing art and design activity, is delivered from October until June and the fourteen and fifteen-year-old members attend for three hours each Saturday during term time. Since 2018, we have delivered two Art&Design Clubs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The Club is co-ordinated by Cambridge School of Art Fine Art alumni Jo Miller. It is run along the lines of a foundation course, made up of three and four week blocks of specialisms which are taken from a range of subjects available at Cambridge School of Art. Subjects that have been covered to date include: Drawing/Illustration, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Animation, Photography and Fine Art. Specialisms are delivered by both staff and students and we have a great body of volunteers supporting the different subject areas.

As part of their activities, Club members will visit local museums and art galleries and will see their work exhibited at Cambridge School of Art. Furthermore, they will come together for an inspirational visit to London, take part in Masterclasses with leading industry professionals, and show their work in a major public exhibition at Somerset House in June.

The UK’s creative industries are thriving, and provide millions of jobs and billions to the economy each year. Their success is built on a constant stream of new talent and fresh ideas, and imaginative thinking combined with specialist skills. Attending weekly sessions at the School of Art gives young people the experience of studying creatively in a university setting using specialist facilities. Furthermore, the programme affords members an insight into the diverse educational and job opportunities that can lead to exciting careers in their future.

October 2019 – June 2020

I thought the Saturday Club would be useful for my GSCE art. It’s shown me lots of different things within art and design that I may be able to use later on.

Club Member, Cambridge College of Art

Tate Exchange, Scale Rule


Thank you for your interest in this Saturday Club. You must be aged 16 or over to send us your email address to request information about a Club. If you are aged under 16, please ask your parent or guardian to fill in the form on your behalf. When you request information about this Club, we will pass on your details to the Saturday Club organiser at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University and retain a copy of the request.



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