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The Art&Design Saturday Club gives Club members the opportunity to use the enriched art-room facilities in Cranford Community College.

The Club supports members’ confidence while cultivating their creativity. They grow an understanding abstract and symbolic expressions, as well as experiencing new techniques and mediums. With inspiration from historical to contemporary art, Club members create, draw, paint, design, illustrate, make collage and mixed media works. The Club also helps their members gain awareness of the calming effect of art and how to apply this as a tool in their daily life.

Joining the Club is an opportunity to develop new skills, build confidence and find out more about pathways to further study and rewarding careers. Club members also take part in national events including Masterclasses with leading industry professionals and the Summer Show, where Saturday Clubs nationwide exhibit their work in a public exhibition – all for free!

Applications are now closed for 2022-23. Any further applicants will be added to a waiting list and be notified if a place becomes available.

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I learned different skills and learned new techniques. The Club built my confidence.

Club member, Cranford Community College

The Club was a great experience. It offered many opportunities for me, like exploring art in a new way, meeting people and going on trips to see art in the real world

Club member, Cranford Community College

The Club enables many possibilities and ideas which could help influence our futures

Club member, Cranford Community College, Art&Design

The Saturday Club has opened the eyes of many Members and their families to the world of art and the creative industries. They are now aware it is possible to have a career being creative.

Aminder Virdee, Tutor, Cranford Community College

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