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The Art&Design Saturday Club at Cranford Community College has thrived, developed and grown in numbers each year. Now in it’s fourth year, the programme enables students aged 13 – 16 to get involved, and actively engaged, within the arts and design practice, in a safe and encouraging environment.

The class sessions and workshops are run by Mindi Virdee, a local artist and art tutor, working in the visual arts and performance art sector. The sessions are tailored towards the students interests and goals, and the tutors first hand experience working in the arts, and her artistic skills. This year we will be focusing on: Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and 3D Design, Performance Art, Graphic and Illustration Design and Recycled Art.

During the year, we set out two exciting masterclasses run by artists and designers within the creative industry. This is interspersed with sessions and workshops at the college which involves learning about the history, mediums and artistic techniques within contemporary art forms, having lively discussions about art and the fuel for creating art (history, politics, science and philosophy that underpin an art piece), and the exploration of 2D, 3D and 4D materials. We use all this knowledge, and skills gained, to create exciting and thought provoking work.

October 2019 – June 2020

High St

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