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Society&Change at Manchester Met will invite Club members (aged 15–16) to explore themes such as Wellbeing, Green Spaces, Nature, Race, Racism and Slavery. You will be encouraged to engage with the humanities in both traditional and innovative ways while working with our exciting research staff, current students, and our Club tutor, who is a current PhD student.

We will take part in interactive classes with leading academics in their field, special guests (including activists and writers) and student assistants who will challenge you to discuss, explore and confront different kinds of evidence, to assess competing explanations for racial prejudice, discrimination, and systemic racism.

You will explore spaces and visit gardens to discuss wellbeing and the importance of access to green spaces. By engaging with the disciplines of History, Politics and Philosophy you will be challenged to reframe understandings of ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Race and Racism’ in the past and in the present day.

Club members will also learn how to explore evidence, to think critically and to argue persuasively, which are key skills that aim to complement students GCSE and A-Level studies and to give them an insight into degree-level studies. The Club also encourages students to think creatively, and to consider the place of historical fiction and poetry all while working collaboratively, making friends and having a really fun time.

Sessions will predominantly take place on campus and we will also include visits to local archives, green spaces, and museums. Club members will also take part in national events including Masterclasses with leading industry professionals and the Summer Show, where Saturday Clubs nationwide exhibit their work in a public exhibition – all for free! Classes will take place from March – early June 2022 (with an Easter break in-between). The Club will run from 10am-1pm except from Masterclass sessions, which might last longer.

Club dates:
April 2022 – May 2022
(plus Summer Show in June)

Manchester Metropolitan University
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

“I learnt to speak out loud and ask more questions, and how to research and different ways of thinking”

“I learnt loads about what my Human Rights are and about Philosophy, which was something that previously I knew nothing about!”

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