Adobe, promotional films for social media

  • London Metropolitan University
  • CCCG – CONEL Enfield Centre
  • The BRIT School

In a Masterclass with Adobe, Club members from London Metropolitan University, Capital City College Group and the BRIT School, explored their creativity by producing promotional videos for social media. 

The Writing&Talking and Film&Screen Saturday Clubs began the day with an introduction to the Adobe team, who shared their career journeys and insights into Adobe’s history. Nic Kemp, Senior Workflow Consultant, guided Club members through the video production process, covering pre-production, production, post-production, variation and delivery. 

Following this, the Adobe team showcased a preview of a video created in Adobe Premiere Rush, demonstrating various tools on the platform and how to use them to create a video.  

After the presentations, Club members were tasked to create their own promotional videos using Adobe Express. The Adobe team provided a 30-minute test video to illustrate the platform’s capabilities and went through technical training to help familiarise everyone with the essential components of successful video making. 

Once they were comfortable with Adobe Express, Club members formed groups and began working on their videos. They gained valuable knowledge on utilising Adobe Express, including video editing tips, such as video editing and colour grading whilst also incorporating music, imagery and animation. They also learned to design accompanying social media posts to cross promote their videos. 

The Masterclass concluded with each group presenting their videos and explaining the concepts behind them. 

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