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  • Staffordshire University
  • York College

Over two weekends an incredible team from Arup led a wide-ranging and inspirational Masterclass for Saturday Clubs from York College and Staffordshire University. Experts in their field guided Club members through a series of activities to develop their understanding of the built environments sector.

Spanning architecture, renewable energy, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering, the Masterclass introduced an array of future career possibilities to Club members across Science&Engineering and Art&Design. Club members developed their perspective drawing skills, gained an understanding of the multi-faceted elements of architecture and engineering, and saw how Arup work through their projects as a team with many specialisms.

Arup shared insights into their own professional journeys, with structural engineer Baldo commenting “design is all about being fun, creative and motivated to make a better world” and graphic designer Dan saying “if you really love what you do, then you’re just enjoying yourself all the time!”.

In the final activity, Club members brought all of the skills that they had learnt throughout the Masterclasses to work with the Arup team on a redevelopment concept. Turning a derelict mill into a museum complete with solar panels, a wind turbine, a butterfly garden, a green wall and a bright blue sculpture on the roof!

At the end of the final session, Director of Arup Ed Clark commented “we should do all of our projects like this!”

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