Arup, technical drawing

  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Blackburn College

During lockdown, a team from the structural engineering firm Arup led two engaging virtual Masterclass sessions in technical drawing for the Nottingham Trent University and Blackburn College Art&Design Saturday Clubs.

Completing a series of quick drawing tasks, developing their skills from straight lines all the way to 3D perspective drawing, the Club members learnt about the importance of sketching in architecture and engineering and created some impressive drawings. The Club members also had the opportunity to further develop their sketches using the 3D design software Sketch Up.

In response to leading an online Masterclass as a result of lockdown, Ed Clark, Director at Arup, commented- “It was very different to anything we’ve attempted in the past, but our apprehensions were blown away but the by the engagement, creativity and enthusiasm of the students. A great learning experience for all of us!”.


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