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  • Reading College

Art&Design and Fashion&Business Club members at Reading College, Activate Learning attended a Masterclass with CQ Studio that explored the use of biomaterials in fashion, focusing on printmaking for textiles. 

Cassie specialises in turning waste into worth using post-consumer waste and regenerative plants to develop innovative materials for fashion. As part of the interactive workshop, Club members had the opportunity to use these revolutionary materials to create naturally pigmented, screen print designs.  

The workshop began with Cassie Quinn introducing herself as the Founder, Creative Director and Material Researcher of the studio before sharing a fascinating presentation on her research and development of regenerative textiles. Then, Club members eagerly watched on as Cassie demonstrated how to create screen print designs, including repeat prints.  

Working with algae-based ink, seaweed and other plant sources, Club members produced T-shirts that they embellished using plastic-free sequins, that had been made by using food waste to clean wastewater.  

The session ended with the Club members proudly presenting their designs and enthusiastically thanking Cassie for enabling them to experiment with techniques and materials they had no previous knowledge of. 


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