Dr Gillian Forrester, evolutionary psychology

  • City of Oxford College
  • Reading College
  • Banbury and Bicester College
  • Reading College
  • City Of Oxford College
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  • Staffordshire University

Dr Gillian Forrester, Evolutionary and Developmental Psychologist from Birkbeck University London, brought together Activate Learning Art&Design Club with Staffordshire University and University of Oxford Science&Engineering Clubs in a fascinating multi-disciplinary Masterclass.

Gilly explained how she studies the abilities of children, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans as a way of learning about how we came to be the unique great apes we are today. Providing a glimpse into her career journey and research, Gilly shared her experiences of what it is like to work with children with and without autism, as well working closely with great apes. 

Club members then took part in a series of simple experiments that revealed their own brain organisation and how this might influence their everyday behaviours including dominant hands, language and ideophones.

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