Ella Doran, concept artwork

  • The Northern School of Art – Middlesbrough
  • The Northern School of Art – Hartlepool

The Hartlepool Club from the Northern School of Art joined with their Middlesbrough counterparts for a workshop on collaged landscapes led by designer Ella Doran.

Ella began with a presentation about her background as a designer, and outlined a recent project at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Sheep to Seat, Fleece to Floor. This project developed from sketches and photographs of the landscape, which formed the basis for the Masterclass. Ella then handed out watercolour paints, magazines and coloured paper and tasked the young people to create their own mixed-media imaginary landscapes.

The Club members worked hard, helped with advice from Ella, to create interiors, gardens and worlds using the materials. At the end they presented their ideas to the whole group and Ella provided feedback on their excellent work.

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