Holly Sterling, characterisation

  • Royal Cornwall Museum
  • Bolton School of the Arts, University of Bolton

Author and illustrator Holly Sterling brought Royal Cornwall Museum Art&Design Club and University of Bolton Writing&Talking Club together for a Masterclass which demonstrated the relationship between writing and illustrating.

Holly talked to Club members about her own career and her work, explaining the process of picture book development from concept to production. She then initiated a project brief for the members which focused on creating a story for a children’s picture book, with a main character from an underrepresented background.

The Writing&Talking Club members got to work developing concepts for a story synopsis, whilst the Art&Design Club developed illustration ideas for the main character. Halfway through the Masterclass the Clubs swapped their work and responded to each other’s concepts through writing and illustration.

After the Masterclass Holly commented: “They really embraced the project, about the main character being from an underrepresented background, tapping into their own life experiences. Hopefully it will encourage them to bring a bit of themselves into their work in the future projects. And – their ideas were really good!!”

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