Jason Bruges Studio, coastal environment dioramas

  • Northbrook College

Art&Design Saturday Club members from Northbrook College headed to Towner Gallery for a Masterclass with Jason Bruges Studio, where they produced artistic interpretations of their relationship with the sea. 

The Masterclass began with Jason Bruges explaining the studio’s innovative work which pioneers the space between art, architecture and technology. After a short presentation, Club members were briefed to create a diorama based on the coastal environment, exploring how water and being close to the sea makes them feel. Jason explained that the completed works would be displayed in a shop window in Eastbourne, which added an extra level to the brief to ensure that the designs captured the attention of passers-by. 

After taking time to brainstorm their ideas, Club members then worked together in small groups using metal frames and a variety of materials to depict an animated scene. They were taught a range of coding and crafting techniques using light sources generated by mini-computers to programme different patterns, speeds and colours.  

At the end of the session, the finished pieces were lined up and received valuable feedback from the studio team.

“It was fascinating to learn how to sculpt and create atmosphere with light.” – Club member

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