Jim Le Fevre, phonotrope animation workshop

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  • Falmouth University

Falmouth University Art&Design and Film&Screen Saturday Clubs were joined by BAFTA and BAA award-winning animation director, Jim Le Fevre. Jim’s creative insights provided Club members with a captivating journey into the world of animation, both commercial and short film. 

The Masterclass began with an introductory presentation about Jim’s background and path into directing and crafting short-animation films. His presentation not only shed light on his career but also sparked interesting discussion amongst Club members about potential pathways into the animation industry.  

After a short break, Jim spoke about his creation: the Phonotrope – a contemporary reworking of the traditional Victorian Parlour toy, the Zoetrope. This led to a hands-on workshop where Club members had the opportunity to craft their own animations and with Jim’s guidance, they brought their drawings to life by using the Phonotrope technique with a record player. 

At the end of the session, each Club member showcased their animations. They got to take home their hand drawn Phonotrope discs and an edited compilation of the animated loops.  


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