John Smedley, innovative fabric recycling

  • Museum of Making

Craft&Making Club members from the Museum of Making participated in a Masterclass hosted by John Smedley, where they explored innovative methods of reusing and recycling thread and knitted waste. 

The Masterclass was led by Tim Clark, Technical and Sustainability Director at John Smedley, who shared insights into the company’s history, manufacturing processes and sustainability efforts. He discussed the inspiration behind some of their designs, citing influences like the blue jay bird and Japanese cherry blossom. Tim also shared his career journey and the educational background that led him to this point. 

Tim explained that leftover thread and fabric waste could be repurposed in various creative ways to produce new crafts and products. He provided the Club members with calico fabric, knitting waste and thread remnants to experiment with. They were encouraged to create anything they wanted, with no rules or restrictions. This could be done through hand sewing or with a sewing machine – which some Club members hadn’t used before. They were also encouraged to draw inspiration from John Smedley’s iconic brand elements. 

After the crafting session, the Club members presented their creations, which included a range of items such as scarves, tops, bags and even a small trailing cactus plant. Tim offered feedback and shared additional insights with the Club members. 


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