Juliana Sissons + Tom Meades, sustainable fashion

  • Time and Tide Museum

Led by designers Juliana Sissons and Tom Meades, Club members from the Time + Tide Museum Art&Design Club took part in a virtual Masterclass about plastic pollution and sustainability in design.

Juliana and Tom began their Masterclass with a presentation about their design backgrounds and how they got to where they are today before discussing with Club members what sustainability is, who is responsible for it and how we can make changes to be more sustainable.

The young people were set the challenge of creating textile sample pieces using any plastics they had around their homes. Members were encouraged to explore a range of techniques, including gluing, stitching, pleating and fusing materials with a hot iron. Juliana commented “The group got straight to it and produced a very inspiring range of samples from recycled plastics, wrappers, discarded packaging and netting. The use of text, collage and 3.D shaping really helped to get the sustainable message across”.

Mid-week after the session, the group had another virtual meet-up to see how everyone was getting on and to showcase some of the outcomes being made. The Club members discussed how they felt whilst creating and ideas for the future with one Club member commenting “This project made me view the materials around me in a different way”.


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