Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks, graphic designer

  • Bolton School of the Arts, University of Bolton

The Art&Design Club at the Bolton School of Arts came together with the University’s Writing&Talking Club for a joint Masterclass with Michael Johnson of brand consultancy Johnson Banks, on the theme of “RAGE INTO ACTION”.

The workshop started with a presentation that illustrated the different ways in which organisations and individuals communicate, both verbally and visually. Michael then expanded on the way this becomes especially powerful within the language of protest and discussed typography, graphic design and communication, and the process of generating ideas, finding a core message and transferring these to final outcomes.

The young people were then split into small groups and asked to decide on causes for which they wanted action for change. They wrote a manifesto for their project and worked out how to bring their ideas to life. In a buzzing, creative atmosphere, the Club members created some amazing calls for action on subjects such as disability, body image and prejudice about teenagers.

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