Royal Society of Arts, dreams for the future

  • Manchester Museum
  • National Army Museum
  • St Mary’s University
  • University of West London

Manchester Museum, National Army Museum, St Mary’s Twickenham and University of West London Society&Change Saturday Clubs, enjoyed a Masterclass with Royal Society of Arts for a day of collective dreaming. In this combined Masterclass, Club members envisioned the changes they’d like to see in the world. 

Starting with an introduction to the RSA’s history, impact and vision for the world, Club members were asked to imagine themselves working for the RSA and the changes they’d hope to make. 

Guided by the RSA team, Club members undertook a series of activities intended to wake up their imagination and dream of a future based on what’s important to them and their local area.  

Activities included: imagining past and future generations, using artefacts to encourage future thinking, conceptualising alternative facts and dreaming of a more hopeful world.  

These practises led to the main activity of the day, which saw Club members work in groups and use the prompts provided to build the world in the year 2124. They visualised what events led to their future world, how society and technology had evolved, the environmental conditions and social dynamics. They brought their world to life using images, words and sound, then presented this as part of the ‘dream showcase’.  

“I learnt how to think of future positively and creatively” – Club member 

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