Sinta Tantra, pattern painting

  • Hull School of Art and Design, Hull College
  • Grimsby Institute

Sinta Tantra led a Masterclass at Ferens Art Gallery for its Art&Design Club as well as members of the Club at Grimsby Institute, beginning with a talk about her work in general, her process and a selection of past projects. Her task for the young people involved collaboratively creating a colourful, abstract, large-scale work designed by Sinta.

Each member was given a 30x30cm square area that was theirs to work with, and led step by step through Sinta’s process, from design and digital printing to transferring it onto a canvas surface. Each member’s final tile, once masked off and painted, had to align perfectly with its neighbours in order to achieve a seamless result. It was a technical, challenging workshops, yet fascinating and inspiring for the young people who took part.

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