Tate Hindle, co-living

  • London Metropolitan University, The School of Art, Architecture and Design

Tate Hindle led the London Metropolitan University Art&Design Club for a Masterclass in designing co-living spaces.

The Tate Hindle team began the session by explaining the concept of co-living, as well as giving the young people an insight into their practice and their individual paths into architecture. They then set the group a brief, to create models of co-living spaces using coloured wooden blocks. Each colour represented a different social group or activity and the members were encouraged to think carefully about the best ways to structure the spaces thinking through the requirements of the inhabitants.

Working in small groups, by the end of the session each group presented their co-living concept and the Tate Hindle team asked them questions about the design decisions that they had made. Finally, the members had their chance to ask the Tate Hindle team some questions about architecture and how to become an architect and what it is like to work in this field.

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