Sara Hardy, documentary storytelling

  • London College of Communication, UAL

  The Film&Screen Saturday Club at London College of Communication enjoyed a Masterclass with multi-award-winning Director, Sara Hardy, where they learned the art of storytelling and how to build a pitch based on stories from their own lives.

The day began with a reflective, open discussion regarding the videos Club members had produced and edited in the previous week’s class. In turn, Sara shared and spoke about the documentaries she directed. 

Sara went on to share valuable insights and experiences spanning her 28 years as a documentary film maker. Sara explained how everyone has a story to tell and presented the formula for turning these stories into an engaging and successful documentary.  

Using the techniques demonstrated, Club members worked in small groups to create a story arc using moments from their life before pitching these to Sara and the rest of the group.  

Club members were inspired by Sara’s approach to telling stories about personal subject matters and rose to the challenge of creating and presenting a documentary film pitch. Ideas covered a wide range of lived experiences from altercations with friends to their story as a refugee.  

The session ended with a round of feedback, key learnings and takeaways as inspiration for their future productions. 

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