Transport for Greater Manchester, promoting sustainable travel

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

In a Masterclass with Transport for Greater Manchester, Art&Design Saturday Club members from Manchester Metropolitan University created graphic wraps for a network of buses, trams and bikes. 

The Transport for Greater Manchester team began the Masterclass with a short presentation on the city’s history with public transport and how this led to the launch of the Bee Network. The team encouraged open discussion about the motivations behind using public transport, focusing on the needs of young people. 

Club members were then put into groups and briefed to create a new campaign for the Bee Network which would appeal to young people.  

The groups were provided with large scale paper mockups of Bee Network vehicles to brainstorm their ideas, and given creative control over the messaging and exterior design.  

To aid with the creative process, Club members were given the unique opportunity to tour a brand-new Bee Network bus which helped to inspire their designs and perspective. Here, groups were encouraged to think about how they’d promote their campaign, such as creating TikTok content using the bus. 

Back in the Club and full of inspiration, Club members worked on their final designs, which considered sustainable alternatives, brand partnerships and eye-catching design, before presenting their final campaigns to the team for feedback. 

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