Fashion and Nature

by Chiara Cola

Create a fashion illustration inspired by the natural world. You might use your drawing created in the We are ‘One’ project as a starting point.

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Fashion designers are often inspired by the natural world in building their collection or a design. This often comes out in different ways, from entire outfits and accessories, to embroideries and prints.

Currently, finding a more sustainable production process, with more respect for both the environment and the workers involved in the making, is a central challenge for the fashion world.

Print design & styling © Chiara Cola


Materials needed

  • Paper (or something to draw/paint on)
  • Drawing or painting materials of your choosing (feel free to use the drawing style you prefer and add colour in different ways)
  • If you have additional materials available such as coloured paper, fabrics, etc to create a sort of collage look, you can use them.


Create your design

1. Choose an example taken from the natural world, this could be animals or flowers etc. You could use the images from We are ‘One’ as inspiration.

2. Draw a sketch of one or more outfits, or an accessory such as a hat or bag.

Inspiration from nature could be included in the construction of the design itself, echoing the shapes, or as a decorative element such an embroidery, print or colour choice.

3. Give a title to your creation!

4. Share your drawings or post online and tag @natsatclub and @lmetnatsatclub 


Resources & References

Here are some examples of my own textile prints – I have done quite a few in the past inspired by nature.

Above photo by Simona Santelli

All print design & styling © Chiara Cola


Different styles of fashion illustration:

Renè Gruau

Diorissimo 1978


Antonio Lopez

Fashion Illustrator Antonio Lopez


Many designers in fashion have been inspired by nature including:


Iris van Herpen



Alexander McQueen

On Savage Beauty at the V&A

The Museum of Savage Beauty – V&A

10 Years Ago, Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis Show Imagined Fashion’s Future





Thom Browne



Elie Saab




full collection


Van Herpen


Thank you for taking part in the London Metropolitan University Art&Design Saturday Club Workshop.

Contributed by Chiara Cola, Art&Design Saturday Club at The Cass, London Metropolitan University

Chiara is a digital artist, print designer and creative consultant, who exhibited in Italy, UK and US including at Cinecittà Film studios, Whitechapel gallery, Harvey Nichols and Art Basel Miami.

Her work spans different creative fields including costume design for film, having collaborated as textile artist with Academy Awards winners Milena Canonero (in several productions including “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson) and Gabriella Pescucci for the TV series “Into the badlands”.

Chiara has been lecturing in different institutions, including Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome, London College of Fashion, NABA in Milan, Polimoda in Florence, IED Madrid. She is currently Tutor of Art & Design for the Saturday Club, together with Jane Roberts, and Associate Senior Lecturer in the BA Course of Interior Design at The Cass. She is also Industry Mentor for London College of Communication.

“I am so happy and proud to be a Tutor of the Saturday Club of Art & Design at The Cass for the second year. It is being one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. So inspiring to work with our Club Members and to see how audacious and brave they are in their creativity, reinterpreting the briefs through their personality and manipulating materials in innovative ways in their projects.”


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