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By Angelica Jacobs-Grant

Explore the process of film and broadcast production. Watch the film, take part in the activities below and share what you create.

Don’t forget to submit your creations  or post online and tag @natsatclub



I study on the BA Film and Broadcast Production and here’s what involved in the course:

  • Script writing
  • Pitching and presenting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Film theory
  • Film history
  • Other aspects of the film and television industry like audience and genre
  • We have to do a film blog – See mine here

Here are some stills from a short film I wrote and directed (which is why I’m not in the photos)


Materials needed

  • Just a pen and paper (or digital equivalent)


Key terms to note:

Story/plot – what’s going to happen in the film.

Example: Spongebob Squarepants S7:E3 – Plankton steals Sandy’s fur to disguise himself as Sandy and get the Krabby Patty formula. Plankton goes inside SpongeBob’s head.

Logline – a brief (usually one sentence) summary of a television programme, film, or book. It will state the central conflict of the story, often providing a “hook” to pique your curiosity.

Example: Angelica’s short film – An unusual dream leads a woman to enter an eating contest


Activity part one – The whole world of film and TV!

Spend 2–3 minutes writing down as many things you can think of that are related to film and television. You can also include streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon too.

These could be anything from script writing to production, costumes to editing… GO! TIMER LINK


Activity part two – Ideas generation

Using the random words below, see if you can come up with an idea for a story, plot or logline.

Spend a few minutes looking through the words, see what comes to mind and write it all down.

You might want to make bullet points to start with then string them together afterwards.


Send us what you’ve come up with!
You can send all of your ideas or perhaps just your favourites!


Further development

Random logline generator – refresh for more, maybe try writing a story around one!

Script writing software – Have a try at writing your own scripts in the industry format (this is what I use)


Thank you for taking part in the London Metropolitan University Writing&Talking Saturday Club Workshop.

Submit your work or post online and tag @natsatclub


Resources & References

Angelica’s film blog


Contributed by Angelica Jacobs-Grant, London Metropolitan University Writing&Talking Saturday Club

Angelica is a student assistant at the Writing&Talking Saturday Club and a degree student studying BA Film and Broadcast Production at London Metropolitan University. This is her second year assisting the Saturday Club.


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