Familiar Photography

By Luke Watson

Explore the unfamiliar in the familiar – challenge yourself to use limited resources to spark your imagination and use observation skills

Don’t forget to submit your images or post online and tag @natsatclub and @ual_insights



How well do we know the spaces we spend our time in? Have you really looked…under the table, at the mark next to the light switch, at a room from a dog’s perspective? Make an image library of the things you discover using the following prompts. Make up your own prompts too and share them.


Materials needed

  • Any digital camera, including a camera phone


Activity part one

Take photographs from different rooms in your house eg bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen. Really try to look at these rooms as you’ve never seen them before. Use the below prompts:

1 – Photograph an impossible angle

2 – A mark or scratch you never noticed

3 – Something that looks like something else (pareidolia)

4 – A landscape from the window of that room

Select your favourite 4 images from those you’ve taken


Activity part two

Title these images. You can also add a sentence giving a bit more insight as to why you’ve chosen this image for your selection.


Further Development

Create your own prompts and repeat the same step-by-step process.


Thank you for taking part in the University of the Arts London Saturday Club Workshop.

Submit your images with a sentence describing the image in the comments or post online and tag @natsatclub and @ual_insights



Bedroom –
A wall hook that reminds me of Easter Island statue


Living room –
A loft hatch never opened…I wonder what’s inside?



Pareidolia –

Image source – bored panda


Kitchen –
landscape (dirty window, peeling paint & skyline)



Contributed by Luke Watson, University of the Arts London Art&Design Saturday Club

Luke has exhibited widely as a photographic artist and taught photography and art at a number of UK institutions including Napier University and Edinburgh College of Art as well as a number of workshops at Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Galleries of Scotland.

“It has been a privilege to be involved in supporting art education for a number of years and the Saturday Club is an exciting and valuable means of engaging preserving our creative future generations.”


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