Mini-sketchbook making

By Juliette Platts

Artists’ use of sketchbooks is really important to their practice. It is a way of recording and testing ideas, tracking research and experimenting before making an artwork.

Don’t forget to submit your sketchbooks or post online and tag @natsatclub


Materials needed

  • Paper – A3 or A4.
  • Drawing and/or painting materials
  • Collage materials (papers, magazines, old books, wrapping paper, packaging – anything you can find)


Making your mini sketchbook

1. Take a piece of paper, fold and cut it as in the image below. Make sure to lightly mark each page as shown, so your drawings will be the right way up when you fold the paper.

2. Choose your theme – this can be anything you like, such as nature, animals, emotions, music, clothes and jewellery

3. Work on each page making different textures and layers with your collage materials and draw images over the collage.


4. Fold up the paper and you have your quick mini sketchbook!


Once you have finished your mini sketchbook take photos or a little video of you going through the book and submit them!

You could also make a mini comic or visual diary of your day!


Further Development

It’s good to keep a little sketchbook on you at all times to jot down and sketch ideas when you’re out and about. If you don’t have a small sketchbook, make one of these to take with you on your daily exercise walk. Perhaps take some photos of you using your mini sketchbooks out and about or at home and in garden if you have one.


Thank you for taking part in the Staffordshire University Art&Design Saturday Club Workshop.

Submit your sketchbooks or post online and tag @natsatclub

Contributed by Juliette Platts, Staffordshire University Art&Design Saturday Club

Juliette Platts is the Programme Manager for the Art&Design Saturday Cub at Staffordshire University, where she is also studying for an MA in Fine Art. She delivers most of the sessions for the Saturday Club, bringing in University Technicians for specialist workshops such as Metal and Ceramics. This is the first year Staffordshire University has run a Saturday Club and Juliette has loved every moment.

“Getting to know the Club members and seeing them engage and grow creatively and socially has been so rewarding”


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