Theatre of the Absurd

By Laura Barritt

Is it a bird? Is it a fly? Your theatre of the absurd can be whatever you make it! It’s your turn to discover the marvellous and the magnificent…

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This project will look into the ‘theatre of the absurd’ and what this meant in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We also discover how we might use concepts of the absurd to understand the complex issues of today’s world.


Materials needed

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • A cardboard box
  • Tape
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Lolly pop sticks
  • Lamp (for use in the theatre)


Activity part one – Create the set

Collect all your materials and watch the film at the top of the page, so that you gain an understanding of what ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ means. You can also research this in more depth if you are interested.

  • Begin by making the theatre itself – starting with your box

  • Draw around your tape and cut a hole in the back – this will be for your light
  • Add tape to secure the structure

  • Cut out a slot on each of the sides – this will be for inserting your puppets for your show

  • On the fold-out flap bits make sure you cut these to about 1-2 inches as this will be the front of your theatre – your screen

  • Tape the box again to make sure it is secure and solid
  • Measure your paper and add in your screen, again, tape this to make sure it is secure

Next you need to test it – put the light behind and check that the theatre works!

Activity part two – Create your puppets

Now for your puppets! You need lollipop sticks and card/cardboard, a pencil and some tape.

  • Draw out the silhouettes of your characters, creatures, scenes

  • Cut them out and use tape to attach them to the lollipop sticks

Voila! You can begin your absurdist theatre shows!

Thank you for taking part in the Cardiff Metropolitan University Saturday Club Workshop.

Share your creation or post online and tag @natsatclub and @cardiffmetcsad

Contributed by Laura Barritt, Cardiff Metropolitan University Art&Design Saturday Club

Laura has a background in Fine Art and Education. She is currently a PhD student at Cardiff Metropolitan University with a focus on adolescent artistic abstraction. She holds a Masters in research (MRES) from the university and has taught in a range of secondary schools for over 10 years. Cognition, abstraction and understanding abstract process of mind are core to Laura’s work.


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