Ventriloquist Dummy

By Andrew Mcdonald

Ever been stuck for words? Now is your chance to create something to do all the talking for you. Problem solved!

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This project will test both your creativity and your inner performer. Ventriloquist dummies have a personality of their own and now it’s your turn to create one. Think about what kind of character you want to build, what do they look like? What do they say? How do they speak?


Materials needed

  • Cereal box, or something similar
  • Scissors
  • Biro pen
  • Any other things you might have to draw or colour with


Activity part one – The body

Open the box and cut it down to a rectangle.

Draw a figure but leave out the head. Instead, draw a long tab where the head would be (see where the arrow is pointing below).


Cut out your figure, making sure you don’t cut off the tab.


Activity part two – Bring it to life

Try and find something to use as stickers, I found these on a bunch of bananas. Carefully peel off the stickers as you will use these to create the facial features for your dummy. Not to worry if you can’t find any stickers, you can simply draw directly onto your hand.

Find a plastic tray or cup a gently arrange the stickers to how you would like them. You can also draw onto the stickers for extra detail on features like the eyes.


Draw some lips on your thumb and index finger. Preferably use a biro pen but lipstick also works if you have any in your house – WARNING remember to ask for permission to use the lipstick if it isn’t yours and only draw on your hand with biro pen, as other pens may be permeant or may irritate your skin.

Stick on your eyes.


Hold the tab in between your fingers and tuck in your thumb as shown below.


You are now ready to make your dummy speak!

Thank you for taking part in the University of Central Lancashire’s Saturday Club Workshop.

Share your ventriloquist dummy or post online and tag @natsatclub

Contributed by Andrew McDonald, University of Central Lancashire Art&Design Saturday Club

Andrew Is the lead tutor of the Art and Design Saturday club at the University of Central Lancashire’s School of Art Design and Fashion. Andrew’s background is Fine Art and he is a senior lecturer on the foundation entry course.

“Every Saturday morning our Saturday Club takes over the art and design Foundation department at UCLAN. The result for our young people has been, great new friendships, new confidence and fantastic art work. Through the Clubs team of tutors and ambassadors, the BA staff and the Masterclasses, our club has opened up the exciting courses and careers there are in Art and design.”


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