Saturday Clubs Online: What have they been up to?

29 May, 2020

Over the past two months, it has been fantastic to see Saturday Club members from across the UK continue to enthusiastically engage with their Saturday Club programmes virtually.

By taking part in online classes and making use of National Saturday Club Online, the Club members have continued to discover, experiment and create.

This has all been made possible thanks to the innovation of the wonderful National Saturday Club tutors and supporters.

Read on for some of the highlights from the Club’s online programmes:


Online projects

50 online projects created by Saturday Club tutors and student assistants are available online for Club members to take part in at home.

Projects range from creating protest posters and building an earth battery, to making mood boards and performing poetry. We encourage everyone to get involved, and to share your creations!


Virtual Masterclasses

Online Masterclasses include a graphic design challenge with designer Ben Terrett, a bridge building brief from structural engineer Tim Lucas, and a myth writing project with novelist John Simmons.

Look out for more Masterclasses coming soon from Triple Double Studios, Arup and Adobe.


Mannequin home-delivery

Istituto Marangoni’s Fashion&Business Club delivered miniature mannequins to each of the members, so that they could continue their draping and sewing lessons. We look forward to seeing their final creations!


Bridge-building brief

Club members at Kingston University Science&Engineering Club have  moved their Saturday sessions online and were recently joined by Tim Lucas for a structural engineering Masterclass.

Tim spoke to the Club members about how he got to where he is today, and set them a brief to construct their own 2-metre bridges out of discarded recyclables at home. 


Digital collaborations

From creating sound for soundscapes to painting with food, Nottingham Trent University Art&Design Club members have been busy learning and experimenting creatively in their online classes each week.

The Club members have also been collaborating virtually with artists such as Bruce Asbestos in a hat-making workshop and with craft artist Anna Collette Hunt in a dry clay house making project.


Plastic pollution project

Last month, the Time + Tide Museum Club took part in an online Masterclass led by fashion designer Juliana Sissons and Tom Meades about plastic pollution and sustainability.

The Club members were encouraged to explore a range of techniques including gluing, stitching, pleating and fusing pieces with hot iron to create sample pieces using plastics found in the home. 


A varied virtual programme

From suprematist-artist inspired drawings to surrealist dreamscapes, the University of Leeds Art&Design Club have been busy each week learning about new art movements and developing new creative skills. You can some of the work that they have created on their Instagram page.


A few more highlights…

Blackburn College Art&Design Saturday Club's climate change inspired project

Plastic pollution Masterclass with Tom Meades and Juliana Sissons

Istituto Marangoni Saturday Club virtual classes

Suprematist experiments from Leeds University Art

Leeds Art&Design Club surrealist dreamscapes

London Metropolitan University Art&Design Club's 'We are One' project

Ravensbourne University Art&Design Club photography challenge

London Metropolitan University Art&Design Club's 'We are One' project

A linoprint from a Manchester School of Art Club member

Pop art project from Blackburn College Art&Design Club

Nottingham Trent University Art&Design Club's clay house project with Anna Collette Hunt

Hat making with artist Bruce Asbestos

Nottingham Trent University Art&Design Club paint with food

Soundscape experiments with Nottingham Trent University Art&Design Club

London Metropolitan University Art&Design Club's 'We are One' project

A portrait from a Ravensbourne University Club member

[16:51] Liz Cowley Ravensbourne University Art&Design Club take part in 'Room with a view' project

Staffordshire University Art&Design rainbow art project

Tim Lucas Masterclass for Kingston University Science&Engineering Club

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